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Full Funnel Marketing Client - Rejuvenate Austin

Rejuvenate Austin is a boutique Med Spa located in West Lake, Austin, Texas.

Owned and operated by Dr. Jessica Wright, Rejuvenate stays ahead of their competition by utilizing our Full Funnel Marketing services including but not limited to PPC & SEO Lead Generation, Website Optimization, Social Media Coaching and Marketing Automation.

We did a complete design of the Rejuvenate Austin website with an emphasis on New Patient Acquisition.  We then created both content marketing and paid ad campaigns to drive hot qualified leads to both the website as well as direct phone calls.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Target Audience

Audience Targeting

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

PPC and Web Marketing Client - Hiatus Spa

Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Hiatus Spa + Retreat was founded in Dallas in 2007 and has grown to 5 locations in Texas including Plano, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston!

We started working Hiatus in 2015 to get their Analytics setup & optimized increased accuracy with reporting on web traffic and marketing campaigns. This required working with their 3rd party booking vendor to ensure integrity in the conversion funnel. We also optimized their AdWords campaigns increasing their CTRs from below 1% to 6%. We continue to manage their AdWords campaigns for new client acquisition.

Want Better Metrics or Better Profits?

We are able to do many things online, similar to all agencies. What separates us is our ability to think like a business, not an isolated department. Let us truly think and act alongside you to create value for the bottom line.

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Craft Beer Austin

Ranked consistently as one of the Top 100 Beer Blogs globally, Craft Beer Austin runs on top of WordPress "pouring" content to its 20,000 visitors monthly.

In just over 6 years, Craft Beer Austin has gained a following of over 22,000+ social media fans!

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