WooCommerce Optimization

Reduce Cart Abandonments & Increase Average Order Values

Do a search on Google for "WooCommere Optimization" and you'll find many great reads about how to optimize your WordPress WooCommerce site. Most of these focus on optimizations related to site speed and you should definitely do these(usually by reducing image sizes) and/or moving to a managed WooCommerce host such as Liquid Web.

At JRich Digital, we do all these things as well.

But what about optimizations beyond speed? Are you interested in reducing cart abandonment? What about ways to increases your Average Order Value? You've likely invested a lot of time and money working to get qualified traffic to your WooCommmerce site. But would good is that traffic if the majority of it dies on your checkout page?

In the first 90 days of tweaking the website and checkout flow, these are the results.

The Numbers:

Users Up 40%

Average Revenue Per User Up 52%

Overall Revenue Up 114%

Average Order Value Up 20%

Number of Transactions Up 77%

Conversion Rate Up 20%

Customized WooCommerce Checkout Page

While the default WooCommerce page is functional, it is far from optimized. Some themes such as Astra do a decent job of improving it, but we like to take the checkout even further with a much-improved layout.

WooCommerce Checkout ScreenShot - Astra Checkout Screenshot - Custom Checkout Screenshot


As you can see in the screenshots, our custom layout adds important elements such as social proof and customer service info giving potential customers the confidence to complete their checkout.

WooCommerce Stock/Default Checkout

WooCommerce Astra Theme Checkout

Optimized Custom Checkout

Checkout Upsells and Post-Checkout Upsells

Now that you have a Custom checkout page and your conversion rates have increased, the next thing you should add are Cart Upsells. These can be in the cart as shown here

"In Checkout" Product Upsell

"Post Checkout" Offer


Our last client had 7% of her revenue come from order bumps and up-sells. 

In-cart Upsells tend to work better with lower-priced items and are shown in a place and at a time when the customer is ready to complete the order. Adding a small discount is often enough of a nudge to get the customer to check the box and boom, you have just increased your Order Value!

Post-purchase Upsells can be more expensive products, although we have found that larger discounts or offers work better here. Again the customer as this point in the process is still in the buying "mood".

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Even with a Slick Custom Checkout and Upsells in place, you are still going to have carts abandoned. The key here is to have an effective system in place to recover these abandoned carts. During the month of May, our client saw 30% recovery in carts. Good emails and good automated structured can reclaim a large amount of revenue.


These are just some of the services we can do to help maximize your e-commerce revenue.  We are also able to help with Ad Campaigns, Landing Pages, Lead Forms, and SEO.

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