White Label Digital Marketing Services

We offer white label digital marketing in four main areas: Pay Per Click, SEO, Website Optimization and WordPress/WooCommerce Builds.

There are often times when it is difficult to provide every service to every client. You want be honest on what you can and can not do, yet offer a solution to get them where they need to be. We provide digital marketing services to work with your team behind the scenes to give you that opportunity.

We do not have a set package but instead tailor each engagement to meet your needs and budget. After a call or two to learn about your unique needs we will create a proposal for you and then work as incognito as you need. We can also be on phone calls as part of your "team" if that helps with communication and client understanding. Our goal is to make it easy, just do the work, and let you guide the relationship.


Pay Per Click

Paid ad campaigns are a great way to get targeted traffic to your clients' website. We can create campaigns with laser-focused demographic targeting and manage them for you. We often employ many remarketing campaigns that are an often overlooked way to get previous visitors back to a website with great call to action statements.

We perform campaign audits. After understanding the goals, the timelines and the necessary deliverables we will then take a deep dive into the metrics and on-age analytics. Tweaking elements is not our goal but a thorough understanding the root issues and addressing those. We will make a plan of attack based on these findings and then execute accordingly.


Screenshot of Connected Systems Client AdWords Account Before and After Audit and Cleanup



Website Optimization

It is rare that a website visitor will make a purchase or fill out a lead form on their first visit to your clients' websites. JRich Digital will implement complete funnel multi-touch marketing campaigns. Knowing which channels to reach customers isn't limited to just digital. All digital marketing works in conjunction with print, direct mail, TV and radio campaigns. Overall success is what makes the team and the company reach its goals.


While you may be doing some these,  an often missed component is Website & Conversion Optimization. You've worked so hard to get paid, organic & print traffic to a website only to have a visitor abandon that website(bounce) in 10 seconds.

What happened? Why are the bounce rates so high and the conversion rates so low?

Most websites are either developed using standard templates designed a few years ago or they suffer from what we call "owner design ego". Owner Design Ego is when a website design is dictated by what the business owner(s) wants to see on the website rather than what the potential visiting customer needs to see. Often these sites have image carousels(sliders) and try to stuff as much info about the company and how great they are into the top half of the home page...you know you've seen it many times! We can't say this enough times, but image sliders as the main element of a homepage have horrible conversion rates and distract visitors from digesting the rest of the information on the homepage. Several studies have mentioned this going back to 2012!

For most website visits, you have mere seconds to grab a potential customers attention and convey to them you can solve their problem with your product or service.

To add further friction, many websites have complicated lead forms or messy checkout options.

Screenshot of Client Lead Overview Dashboard

We have taken our years of website development experience and combined them with our digital marketing experience to go through websites and redesign them for an optimized visitor experience that leads to higher leads (and purchases for e-commerce sites).


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the ability for a website to rank well for certain phrases. To do so takes three main elements. The first is on page techniques. The meta data, on page content, images and alt tags along with other structural elements gives a clear indication to Google on what the page is about. The second element is backlinks. Google likes to see links from other sites pointing to a website. It is a way of likes being thrown about. And more shoutouts by other websites help the overall ranking.  The third element that drives rankings is time. When it is all said and done this is Google's court and we can only do so much. It takes time to see results, but on the other hand, the results tend to say and help websites with gaining a lot of traffic and sales.

We work hard to stay on top of the latest trends and changes so that our client website remain high. We also make sure we are ranking for keywords and phrases that bring in leads or buyers. We want to be sure client sites are ranking for the right terms for their overall success.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is a great structure to build on. It allows for flexible code, inherent SEO, good user interface, and is so wildly used you can find help anywhere to configure it. We like the platform for its ease of use for us and our clients. Knowing the backend also allows us to customize many workflows and tracking mechanisms to ensure a transparent funnel to understand leads and sales on the site.

We have developed many website with e-commerce capabilities. We have worked with many industries and have created sites with a wide range of pages and scope. No matter your preference we can make it happen.

We offer maintenance, support and updates to be as flexible as you need. Ensuring an updated, clean and safe site is a very high importance. There are a lot of complexities to hosting and updates, but we will ensure constant uptime and a checkout process that always works.

Your White Label Solution

We offer clear and frequent communication. We allow you to guide the client and we generate the reporting and deliverables you need. Above all we do this with integrity and confidentiality.

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