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Many companies have certain standard procedures when looking for a digital marketing agency. And for all the budgets, deliverables and timelines they need to have met, they often look over what they should expect. What questions should you hope are asked to the business? Companies should expect good questions back to them beyond just ok and yes. Here are our top 10 questions that should be asked by an agency.

    1. Do you know your conversion rate?
    2. Do you know your life time value?
    3. What makes your products unique?
    4. Do you know your budget or have one in mind?
    5. Do you have an overall marketing plan?
    6. What are your main concerns in working with an agency?
    7. What expectations do you have for communication?
    8. What are other success factors besides more sales?
    9. How will your team work along side the CBD Agency?
    10. What other marketing activities will you be engaged with along this engagement?

The reason why you need to hear these questions is because it reveals so much of the agency. This is how you hear not just what they want to know but also how they think and perceive your company.

Big Picture for CBD Agency

If the agency is knowledgable and appreciative of your business overall then more needs to be learned beyond marketing. You want them to understand the big picture, the goals, product, potentials pit falls, it all matters. And you want a team to be a true part of your team, itโ€™s the only way for true success.

A CBD Agency should know that digital marketing is part of the overall marketing plan. Marketing is the collection of strategy and messaging to reach your target audience. This can be accomplished in many forms and involves every aspect fo the business to be aligned. The digital part is taking the communication plan and the branding that is in place, and then magnifying those elements in a efficient and effective manner. If a company does not have that strategic plan in place, the CBD Agency can help you create one. It is a necessary first step before the execution of a campaign and be put together.

Team work and communication matter more to execution than any skill set. The questions above also provide insights into both parties on how communication will occur and the priority for which it will take place.


You as the company are still in charge. If things go awry its up to you to say so before things get to far off. So many times people assume the CBD Agency is all knowing. In fact as mentioned above, they are there to magnify your orders and directives. Always stay in charge and do not let the agency decide. At the end of the day, it is your guidance that reigns aided by the agencyโ€™s advice. This does not take a way responsibility from the agency, but places the main voice in itโ€™s proper place.

Help in the Plan

The internet moves fast. Staying current is important but more important is getting it right. No one agency can do all things now. But, they can understand the right questions to ask and should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. By them asking questions allows them to know what they are going to align with and where the best amount of effort for success will come. If you tell them a short intro of your company and then ask for a proposal you will never find a team that can be straight forward with you nor could any CBD Agency give a proper accounting for a strategic plan.

Come Together

In all, aligning and fit are important. And to find that fit takes communication and honesty on both sides to find it. Ask good questions and hope to hear good questions. Finding an agency that can ask one good questions may be a better indicator of future success than any other elements.

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