The NOCO Hemp Expo in Denver Colorado was a great conference overall and one we would recommend.

Weather in March

The people of Denver will tell you the temperature is moderate and fairly nice in March. But for us Texans, we were disturbed by that white stuff falling out of the sky ❅. Because of the dryness, it was not that cold as it could be, but fair warning to all reading this, bring an extra layer just in case.

We were more familiar with the elements because we chose to talk to many of the restaurants and bars. This was our own choice, and glad we did but did make us battle more elements than initially planned. The conference center was down the street from many good eats which was a welcome location.


There were a few hiccups in the beginning. And like most stories, there was a right and wrong on both sides. Our mistake was buying the wrong tickets (turned out to be great move) as did many others in attendance. Many people, like us, were confused by the wording: one track was B2B and the other was called Business.  Throughout the website this was problematic and no real details defining the differences were mapped out. When the morning of registration came, many were confused and were misled on what to expect with the conference.

As the morning wore on, eventually the truth was revealed to all. And taking our own disappointment and replanning for our trip, we soldiered on to make the best of it.  Our tickets were the B2B or as most people would call it, the vendor booths.


This is where our grumblings of mis-ticket information turned positive. The conversations were fantastic. One conversation was helpful, the next great for business, the one down the ways opened our minds to what could be. Each and every table was full of cool people genuinely helping one another. Very rare to go to a conference and get a handshake before someone slips you a business card.

The other great avenue this provided was time. We had time to talk. Most conferences have the panel end and then you are racing others to the next talk. We had a great open forum with a long period of time to meander and wander. If the conversation was good, it lingered. (Like the good people at Windy Hill Hemp) If it was not as fulfilling, there was still a welcomed pleasantry and then we moved on. It was nice to not feel in a hurry throughout the day, nor in the conversation you were having.  This turned our good conversations into great ones.

One in particular, ThrillPill, learned about a family member of ours and her needs. The lady at the booth had some similar experiences, shared how their product could help, and then offered other resources. It was impressive and personal. Great group of people there.

We also enjoyed talking to Lazarus Naturals, Chiefton Supply Co, Gataka CBD Chocolate, Critical Extract (Austin, TX!) and many others.

Dress Code

To connect the above paragraph to this, the dress code had a direct impact on the conference as well as the people themselves. There is no dress code. T-shirt and trucker hat, well cool.  Suit and fancy shoes, I can respect that. Perhaps trying on all the hemp clothes you own on one day, giddy up. There was such a wide range that no matter what you wore you felt like you belonged. Muddy boots to stilettos, everyone was welcomed.

Best License Plate

Although we flew to Denver, we are avid RVers and were happy to see many in the NOCO parking lot. Without a doubt, the Best License plate goes to the cool Class B Sprinter: HEMPSTR!

What Makes is Different

All of these elements lend themselves to a good conference. A place to learn, feel comfortable, and grow your business. That was a unique experience and one we will do again.