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JRich Digital brings 20 years experience in digital and offline marketing knowledge. We have demonstrated not only our creativity but our ability to execute as well. The hemp/CBD industry brings many challenges and competition, but our background in the medical industry and craft beer sector has taught us a lot about legal boundaries and becoming inventive with online marketing.

As a CBD marketing company we will work to find the custom plan for you. We want to know your business not just your goals so that we can lay a great foundation while achieving sales. We want to be a part of your team, more than anything else.

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Marketing Strategy
Planning and Execution

Identify Key Profit Channels
Competitive Research

User Experience Improvements
Reduce Cart Abandonments
Conversion Rate Optimizations

Driving Qualified Traffic to Website

Paid Ads (Google, FB for Hemp)
SEO & Coordinated Content

CBD Marketing Agency

Monitoring & Reporting

Adjustments to campaigns
Feedback Loops
Identify Trending Keywords

Email Newsletter Campaigns

Collecting Emails
Automated Drip Campaigns

Online Markets

Marketplace Sites
Influencer Marketing
Bundles and Baskets

Client Success Story

Hit The Ground Running

Even if you have a brand new site, with little to no traffic, there is still much to do. This year, we had a client in this same scenario. In the first month these are key stats through website optimization:

Users up 40%
Average Revenue Per User is up 52%
Revenue Up 114%
Average Order Value up 20%
Number of Transactions up 77%
Conversion Rate up 20%

Scalability and Sustainability

Creating new marketing channels for CBD is ever more necessary than ever before. Federal and state laws change, platforms like Shopify or Facebook change, and where you stand after those changes can highly impact your ability to adapt or overcome. We work to not just make one avenue profitable, but many, so that your company has options in an ever changing environment. As a CBD marketing company, we have seen the amount of work it truly takes to mobilize the team and create the right strategy to go after the competition.

We Constantly Monitor Your Digital Traffic

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JRich Analytics Dashboard

CBD Marketing Company

Driving traffic to your website is just one piece of the puzzle. That traffic needs to be constantly monitored and shaped in order to ensure the marketing efforts are delivering the right visitors.

JRich Digital takes tracking one step further and also monitors the user experience throughout the website. This allows us to optimize the website to reduce cart abandonments and therefore increasing sales. Ecommerce conversion rate is a key metric we keep a close eye on and work hard to increase that rate.

Highlights of Past Clients

First 30 Days


For one particular client we were asked to resurrect their digital advertising. The previous 6 months they spent $80,000 with no sales.

We did some research, analyzed the structure and made corrections. The results were 10 times the number of leads and at one-tenth the cost in the first month. The CEO said, "this may be the best first 30 days, in the history of first 30 days".



We advised a client on being a strong advocate for CBD oil legalization within the state of Texas. She herself had a daughter that benefited from it.

From early transition into helping push the bill, we were able to advise in marketing from behind the scenes to allow her to shine. She did eventually win and we think of it as one of our proudest moments.

Campaign Creation


Our campaigns are made to be attractive as well as sales focused. One particular campaign became too successful. We went past our lead goal by 3X. Though brag-worthy for us, it did put some pressure on the company operationally.  As such, we were forced to pull back for a period of time. For us, this was a learning lesson on business communication with marketing and other departments.

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CBD Marketing FAQ's


Can I market CBD online?

Yes. CBD marketing can employ the same online tactics you already know: SEO, paid ads, referrals, affiliates and other online forums. Though Google and Facebook do not allow paid ads, there are other alternatives that do.  And many platforms do allow paid opportunities.

How can I differentiate my brand among so many CBD ecommence sites?

This is a great question. There are many ways to go about answering this for your company. Zappos sold shoes, which was boring. But they made customer service above and beyond. So good in fact, they became the leader in that particular field and went from having customers to having fans. Another aspect is picking a niche. Red Bull set out to be all things X-Games and extreme sports to build out their initial push.  And then there is Apple, that make packaging and imagery its core experience with the customers.  All of these are actually hard to pull off at one time but each has advantages and disadvantages.  It is not a right or wrong decision, but rather just making one. To be green, clean, and pet friendly will probably not be enough. Trying to be different rather than safe, will allow you to gain attention from your future customers.

How is marketing CBD different than other stuff online?

99% of the ways are similar to other marketing tactics.  The 1% that is different is the legal aspect.  And this 1% is a small percent but a very big deal.  It is knowing the boundaries and staying clean.  If you want to toe the line in order to get a faster growth rate, just know the risks.  We at JRich Digital try and walk the white hat line by doing it legal, ethical, and sustainable. It is not a moral issue we are making, just one we feel has longer term benefit.

What will my ROI be and how quickly will it happen?

Return on investment is very much predicated on many assumptions. Will you think of it in terms of 30 days, or 2 years? Do you want to reinvest your profits back into the business and at what level? Would you rather have more sales, or larger market share? Do you see the out for your business as IPO, acquisition, or evergreen company? Knowing these things will make it easier for any agency to understand the level of urgency or necessity you have for these outcomes.  Marketing is more than generating sales. It’s the ability to steer the customer experience to align with the direction and vision of the company.

What differentiates your CBD agency over others?

We do not take your accounts hostage. We do not lie. We will tell you no. We will ask you business questions more often than showing you metrics you don’t understand. We will be upfront with risks and expectations. And we will not bad mouth the other teams. Getting the right agency is more dependent on liking the style and communication patterns of your new team than it is just plain skill set. Like any hiring, the fit is as much suggestive as it is objective. Both are needed and both should be explored.  We welcome your conversation and exploration.

About Us

Rich Plakas - Co-Founder

Rich began his career as an IT Consultant and transitioned into websites & more creative marketing campaigns along with SEO, PPC, and Social. Rich was a large contributor to the Austin Craft Beer scene founding CraftBeerAustin.com in 2012 and parlays a lot of what he has learned from marketing, legal, and competition to aid the Hemp and CBD Oil industry. He is also seeing the positive benefits of CBD first-hand on his dog Duke that he recently adopted.

John Ludlow - Co-Founder

John has over 10 years of marketing agency experience. His interest in Hemp and CBD Oil comes from his special needs background. He volunteers weekly with children with special needs and has seen first hand how lives are changed in families through the CBD treatments. John has a vision and understanding of jargon and legal issues from the first-hand experience and brings that energy to each client.