Go Offline To Boost Your Online

The online marketing landscape is in constant change. And when online marketing becomes expensive, crowded, or just needs a boost, we turn to offline marketing. DBM Inc. has written a great article describing this element and matches our findings as well. You can read the full post here on how offline marketing is helping online.

There are many ways to go old school. And most still work very well.  One aspect is direct mail. Here is an exert from the article –

Here are five reasons why direct mail is a must for your marketing mix:

  1. It has a higher response rate. Direct mail household response rate is 5.1% (compared to .6% email, .6% paid search, .2% online display, .4% social media).*
  2. It is the leading driver of website traffic. 44% of people will visit a brand’s website after receiving a piece of direct mail.*
  3. It compliments and adds lift to your digital efforts. Direct mail with digital ads yield 28% higher conversion rates.*
  4. It offers a tangible interaction with your brand. 74% of mail recipients at least scan advertising mail. Most, 53%, take the time to fully read advertising mail.*
  5. It’s extremely targeted. Put your data analytics to work for you and cherry-pick specific neighborhoods and apartment communities in the areas with the highest digital response.

Offline is more than mailers of course. It can be billboards, radio, signs at retail outlets, and more. The point is to generate buzz.  You need to come to the audience in different mediums, with different channels. Offline can help bring the 360 view of your message in so many new ways.