If you ever wanted to peek into a good CBD conference, then this is the review for you. CBDExpo Denver was this past weekend and we enjoyed ourselves.

The conference was in the massive Denver Convention Center. The CBDExpo occupied 10% of it, maybe.  And though the space of it really didn’t matter, what we appreciated was that it was a good facility to house something like this.

The convention has many perks: it is in the middle of downtown Denver, walking distance to several restaurants and hotels, and a few local bars. Denver itself is a great city for the event as well, but did get a bit cold the day we got there (22 degrees and snow in October)



Exhibition Hall

The hall had many vendors from all ranges of companies and people. There were several manufacturing equipment companies, a few payment processors for CBD, technology companies, and of course CBD products themselves. The variety of companies gave a great ability to meet all your needs under one roof. Need a wholesaler, they have that, need help with your CBD website, they can do that too, or perhaps you need a new beverage to add to your lineup, yep they have that too. The variety also allows you to think through every partnership opportunity and learn about each perspective the CBD industry has to offer.

The exhibit hall is where many of the great business conversations occur. Many think of it as shopping: What do you do? How much? How fast, etc. But the real questions you should be asking at these events is: Where are the gaps? Where do I overlap? Can it be done cheaper/faster? Simple conversations can trigger either a great partnership or knowledge to help your company improve just another micro amount. And those relationships are what really secures the company when things get rough, or hit a rough spot.


Liquid Web

We were invited to the conference from the great people at Liquid Web. They provide safe website hosting for CBD companies. Because they help so many companies from the start up level get going, they have a wealth of information about payment gateways, products, services and marketing. I highly recommend having a conversation with them and happy to do an intro to anyone who asks.



The panels were good. It was refreshing to hear really good insight and ideas from educated people. The speakers were kind enough to stay afterwards to answer further questions. All told, the panels, speakers, and break out sessions were all of good quality and highly attended. Because the difference from of one conference to another, I would probably give same advice I did about the exhibit hall – Take time to see the different aspects of your verticals. There is much to learn and so many people to meet.



It was a very good conference for us and again many thanks to Liquid Web peeps Javier and Shessvy. Do not think we would change anything about the conference, except of course, wish we had more samples.