When ranking for search term keyword phrases it is good to know which terms are the best to rank for.  Today we will explore the similarities and differences of ranking for synonyms of what you perceive to be relatively the same thing. Our example in this blog post will be to look at the differences between CBD agency, CBD marketing company, and CBD firm.

For our website we rank for each of these terms. But it would be helpful to know the data behind it and see which is the best one to improve ranking for quality traffic.  So how do we define ‘best’?

Like many businesses we like to do some things for fun.  But the real driver for us is leads and sales. So the ‘best’ term to rank for is the one that gets the most sales. Leads are good, traffic is awesome, but sales at the end of the day is what allows us to work the next day. So let’s explore how we can get from ranking, to traffic, to leads, and finally to sales on each term and then decide what is truly worth ranking for, if at all.

External Research CBD Term Research

Based on Google Trends data, we can see the following graph.

Clearly more people are searching for CBD Agency over the other two.  So we now can see what a majority of the searches are looking for on Google.

Internal Research for CBD Terms

Now let’s see how many impressions we see inside of Search Console.  The chart below shows us the number of impressions and clicks we received.

Just because one has more impressions does not necessarily mean we should go after it.  We may have more competition there, it may not convert to sales as well, and the term may be more tire kickers than real quality leads. Many internal factors should be layered on top of this to make a true outcome.

CBD Agency

The term CBD Agency is probably the better term for us to focus on.  Though we would incorporate the other variations into our content as we have done so here, the focus should be on the bigger driver, CBD Agency.

As we begin this process we will repeatedly come back to this post with more updates and let you know how it is going and lessons learned along the way. We hope this study helps you understand the multiple levels SEO really takes and how difficult it can be to know all the answers on day one.